Specialists in Print Media Transportation Across NSW

Our experience – it’s all about time and communication

Transporting print media requires a specialised approach for a job well done. Time is critical, given the shelf life of our cargo and the many delivery agents waiting on our trucks in the early hours of the morning. Our forty years’ experience in the specialist transportation of newspapers and other media has resulted in a whole team that focuses on timely collection, delivery and excellent communication along the way. We listen to what our clients need and provide a flexible approach to logistics requirements.


Our drivers – specialised training and valuable relationships
All our drivers have extensive print media transportation training covering the highly specific paperwork, processes and quality control. Their job is to ensure every bulk and key parcel is correctly delivered. Given our history and experience of newspaper transportation, we are proud of the relationships that our drivers have with the newsagents and distributors. It may seem a small thing, but it’s amazing how efficient our operations are because of these relationships.

Track My Truck – proprietary GPS tracking software

There’s nothing more frustrating for print media distributors than waiting around in the early hours of the morning for a truck. With Print Media Logistics’ innovative proprietary GPS tracking software, distributors can log on to our system and view the progress of their delivery truck through the scheduled delivery run to their newsagency. This convenience assists the newsagent while enhancing our client’s brand image.

Quality control – straight from the top

It’s a fact of life that occasionally things go wrong. Print production problems delay collection; traffic accidents interfere with transportation schedules. At Print Media Logistics, we have exacting quality control procedures to ensure that issues are resolved as quickly as possible. No call centres to deal with, no automated systems—instead, we have exacting operational procedures and the managers at Print Media Logistics are ready to respond to any queries at all times.

Safety focus

Print Media Logistics has important transportation safety policies at work. Our full policy booklet is available upon request but the main components are a Workplace Health and Safety Policy, a Driver Fatigue Management Policy and a Drug and Alcohol Policy. All our policies meet or exceed legislative requirements. For example, we apply our Driver Fatigue Management Policy across every single trip, not just the 500km+ journeys stipulated by the law. Our GPS tracking software means that we can proactively manage driver fatigue. Our Drug and Alcohol Policy is one of strict zero tolerance.

Customer focus

We appreciate that at the end of the journey, there are customers waiting for their morning newspaper. A missed delivery or a damaged newspaper can negatively impact on the image of the newspaper brand. We take care in our transportation of newspapers so that they arrive in the same condition they left the print site. Our publishing service assists our print media clients to accurately address and deliver bulk and key parcels in the quantities ordered for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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